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Continiously updating with Corporate Photography


Keeping your website and marketing fresh can boost your sales.

Stale marketing content will discourage the visitors and in most circumstances they’ll turn around and go straight to your competitor. I like to think of websites and marketing as a continuous work of progress, updating my own website weekly.

Consistency with your photography is incredibly important to remember, I use the same profile image on every social platform and website on the internet. I change it every 6months, I do this first of all so people know who I am and easily recognise me, but also they feel as if they’re growing with me.

The same applies to your business. If you’ve used the same images for many years they sure know who you are, but they haven’t noticed anything change. I like to be seen as a evolving business and I hope you do to. 

I’ve worked with builders,solicitors,estate agents, public figures and they all understand the visuals make or break their marketing especially now everyone Google’s you before they pick up the phone or walk into your store.

I see businesses nailing this, every day. Here’s one example.

Case Study – One business that stuck in my mind.
Last year I worked with a builder who could see the value of creating new fresh content regularly. Although he built something new every few weeks and took new projects on regularly one major flaw in his marketing existed. Most of his business relied on people passing his van or signs on the properties his team was working on. We sat down and discussed how we should approach his photography and one point stuck out. Lets ensure, every major project he and his team now works on is documented so when he meets new clients he can tell the story of how his company made a difference to that specific client.

What we did. On the first day of the project I would go into the site and photograph the before, half way I would then photograph the progress and at the end I would shoot the finished project.

What now? Now that one builder has so much content to convert new sales he could spend hours showing the images. As a result his new potential clients are overwhelmed and can’t wait to sign. It shows they’ve been busy, doing great work. Who wouldn’t want to work with a business holding a portfolio that good!

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