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Press Release for Chris Williams

Earlier this year we had the privilege of working with the fantastic Chris Williams. Chris has been featured in a local magazine in Birmingham. The photoshoot took place at Chris’ home with Libby, we took a few minutes to source the best background and lighting outside, then after 20 minutes we were done! Here is one of the final images used in the publication.

Chris Williams - Utility Warehouse - Commercial Photographer - James Bastable

Below is the final article design featuring the photograph taken. Press Photography - James Bastable and Chris Williams

Newspaper Photography Birmingham – The Times featured us!

The Times.co.uk newspaper featured our photography! 

Back in 2013 after photographing our client Lightbox Design, they were interviewed and ended up requiring images for their press release. Great news! Ultimately The Times used our images to promote their latest SME article.

The Newspaper Photoshoot

Traveling into Birmingham one late afternoon with our rolling camera bag, we made our way to a pre determined local coffee shop in Birmingham city centre. Our shoot lasted around three hours, natural, personal and creative were top of the keyword list.

The Photography Breif

Our brief was laid back which was fantastic, I find my creative clients choose me for my relaxed informal style with the ability to direct. Bossing folks around isn’t my for-tae but giving subtle direction is! These images were shot using three different cameras as the layout of the coffee shop required different camera setups depending on where you were standing. A combination of primes and standard zooms for this shoot with off camera flash is how we achieved these results.

If you would like photography for a newspaper in the Birmingham UK area don’t hesitate to contact us.


JBP_0295The Times Photography BirminghamJBP_0326