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Industrial photography of welding in Birmingham

Recently we’ve been capturing images of many industrial companies in Birmingham UK requiring photography for their new marketing. Depending on each clients photography requirements we tailor our industrial photography to best suit their marketing needs. Some of our clients require images for a single use but many others require a complete bespoke library of photography which they can draw from for years ahead.

Welding photography is very exciting to photograph simply due to the sparks and trails which can be created from such a massive release of energy created during welding. With welding photography getting close up requires up to wear full PPE including fire and eye protection. Most of the times we work in a dark or dimly lit environment to create such dramatic images which dark backgrounds.

This image below was created using one flash and the extreme light from the welding gun.


Industrial – Rubber & Plastics Photography with Portraits

Recently I was approached to shoot for a fantastic company called Ramsay Rubber, they’ve had a whole new website created. I was called in to shoot all of their new images.


Part of this project was reportage, shooting images as the staff were working, I like to keep out of the way when photographing, allowing the process to be captured with very little knowledge I’m even there. This happens quite easily once I’ve introduced myself to the staff who work there. A quick hello and explaining exactly what the company is trying to achieve. I then find many staff enjoy the process of creating the companies new marketing materials.


A challenge in photography when shooting moving objects, in this case a blade whizzing through rubber is getting the balance just right between shutter speed (freezing the action) and allowing enough light into the camera. (exposing correctly). We managed it with little trouble.

Then shooting a little wider to show the environment.
In these next two images we’re placing the subject to the far left hand side, allowing the graphic designers to place a call to action or logo on the right hand side in the blur.

We then shot portraits of the staff with our off camera lighting, this portable lighting setup takes around 5minutes to setup allowing us to work in your environment reducing the time staff have to be away from the office.

commercial-photographer-birmingham-5841commercial-photographer-birmingham-5834  commercial-photographer-birmingham-5820

We’ve created all the new images for their website created by Eighty3Creative. as of writing this it’s soon to go live.