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Church Photography Birmingham – St Barnabas

Church Photography Birmingham – ST Barnabas Church Centre

St Barnabas is a fantastic church in Birmingham. Also a beautiful venue one which is extremely modern since it’s renovation. Photographing this church was an absolute pleasure and would encourage it’s use for local businesses. At first when photographing this Church in Birmingham I wasn’t fully prepared for how amazing it was going to be. I don’t get chance to visit many churches, especially photographing churches around Birmingham. We took a wide range of equipment to cover everything the church could throw at us including terrible lighting and wide, high ceilings. It ended up being totally find hand held with our 24mm 2.8. The day was wonderful outside and tonnes of natural light flooded in through the stained glass windows. The staff were perfect for the church and really friendly, happy to answer my many questions helping me understand more about the church and photograph it better. This project was for a web design agency called Sixth Story, as their photographer it was my pleasure to photograph this beautiful building for them to use the images in their design. I’m looking forward to photographing my next church!

Web Designers: Web Design Birmingham
St Barnabas: http://www.stbarnabaserdington.org.uk/

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