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What happens after a professional photoshoot?

What happens after the commercial photoshoot? This is a common question we are asked, hope this helps!
Backing up. Once we’re back to the studio, everything we’ve shot is backed up. As professional photographers thousands of GBs (gigabytes) each year are backed up, placing all of our data on external hard drives and DVDs. As an additional precaution before being re-used, the photographic memory cards we used to shoot are stored until the project is completed.
Backing up commercial images.
Culling, simply sorting the good from the not so good. Images are prioritised on their compositionfeellighting, focus and subject. Many factors go into choosing the perfect images, this takes between 20 minutes and 3 hours depending on each project.
Editing, the next step behind the scenes preparing the images. The images are cropped, colour corrected, any adjustments regarding, exposure, contrast , highlights and shadows are made. Only the latest in Adobe software is used to manipulate your images. Each image is then individually assessed and tweaked for the desired results. This isn’t a miracle working process but, a fine correction process making great images brilliant. For each client we spend a great deal of time ensuring the images are consistent and on brand. We may even correct our images to fit any current style a client of ours has from a previous photographic company. This is individually assessed before taking on any project.
 Photoshop - Lightroom - Retouching in Birmingham at Photoshoot
Exporting and transferring is the final step, the exporting can take from a few minutes to a few hours. Depending on the size and volume of the images were working with. Now we’re finished editing, we now let the client know they’ll be expecting their images shortly via email.
That’s it!