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Engineering Photography Birmingham – Aluminium Photography

Engineering Photography – Spartal.

Recently we’ve photographed an aluminium tube drawing company called Spartal LTD. We were told “We need to make this look clean” If you’ve ever been to a factory, the last thing you think associate with factories is the word clean. After much cleaning and some interesting lighting setups we managed to get the desired photographic look. This project was shot down in Gloucestershire around a hour or more drive from our base in Birmingham. We arrived promptly at 10am and started shooting after a short tour of the premises. I really love my job, I learnt a lot  of interesting things about the manufacturing of aluminium tubes on that day, it wasn’t boring, in fact quite exciting to see behind the scenes of some of Britons greatest and longest established companies. These images were photographed for a web design agency called Sixth Story based in Birmingham. They have done a outstanding job with the design of Spartal’s website and rebranded them also. A fantastic team, I highly recommend you talk with Sian at Sixth Story when you’re considering your presence online.

Photographing the aluminium.

Most of the photographs we’re taking on one of our favourite lenses, the 70-200 2.8. Simply to keep out of the way, this was a working factory which meant to keep a distance away from any heavy duty machinery and also no to disturb the staff while working. It was a off the cuff shoot, a very creative project. A project which I needed to use all my creative skills and expertise to deliver a outstanding result, why? Everything was greasy and reflective. This was a tough one, I like a challenge though.

White Background Photography Birmingham

When it came to photographing the tubes against a white background luckily Spartal has a large office space, we managed to setup a small studio to shoot the products against, a little cramped but we managed it! With a little retouching afterwards the images were ready to go live, delivered in 3 days to the agency the website went live shortly after. All the links are below.
Links to the work:
Web Designers: http://www.sixthstory.co.uk
Spartal: http://www.spartal.co.uk

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Sixth Story Web Design