How do we book you?
Contact me directly, or Request A Quote Online
Call: 07743 381 858
Email: james@jamesbastable.co.uk

Once we’ve confirmed a date and brief outline for our project the booking will be confirmed.

How soon do we need to book in advance?
Even if your project is last minute, still do contact us. It’s common for us to book up 10 days in advance although, occasionally we will get projects booked in with less than 24hours notice.

Although we have a rate card our services are bespoke for every client therefore so are our quotations. Depending on your exact requirements a quote shall be drawn up after an initial consultation/call. Contact us today, if you would like a quote via email/phone and in person this isn’t a problem. Request A Quote Online

We know exactly what we want, can we direct you on the photoshoot?
We’re more than happy to take direction and also give an option with an artistic flare.

Am I ok to be with you on the photoshoot to watch?
Yes this isn’t a problem at all, we actually prefer our clients to be on the shoots with us.

Can we get your photography framed?
Absolutely, we loved our clients to have our work on the walls. It’s a great compliment for us, simply contact us and we will organise the framed prints for you. More information on framing here.

Are you good with people?
We spend 99% of our time photographing people, therefore we like to consider ourselves happy friendly and smiley!

Can I get a reference from someone you’ve worked with previously?
Yes, please simply ask and we will tailor our reference to someone in a similar industry to yourself.

Do you retouch the images?
Everything gets retouched afterwards. The process takes a little longer than simply shooting and transferring the images but it’s something we take great pride in and the results are simply incredible.

Are you insured? 
Yes, we’re covered by public liability and indemnity insurances.

How soon can we see the images?
With our equipment we can show you the unedited images instantly.

How soon can we use the images?
Once the images are processed & all relevant invoices are paid the images are then yours to use. The processing time will vary depending on the size of the project. Contact us for a accurate estimate.

How do we receive the images?
Digital download, if you have a preference please let us know.

What equipment do you use?
Canon’s new cameras. L Series Lenses, from your widest prime to the longest telephoto required.

How do you supply the images?
Full resolution, downloadable in any format you require.

How far do you travel outside Birmingham?
With our commercial photography we’ve been as far as Sydney Australia, so anywhere in-between 🙂

Whats your style of photography?
I hate awkward staging. I spend 95% of my time planning, looking, and getting to know people. The other 5% is behind the camera. Most of that planning is figuring out exactly what you want. Also importantly, knowing exactly what you do not want.

Do you have any terms and conditions?
Terms of Business online here: Terms of Business.