About James Bastable Photography

About James
james-bastable-tallBorn in Birmingham I still live locally to the city travelling each day into Birmingham and the surrounding areas visiting businesses to create commercial images.

I’ve also travelled internationally to provide businesses with bespoke commercial images as far as Sydney Australia.

Now with many years of photography experience, I’ve developed a strong knowledge of both portrait and commercial photography. I thoroughly enjoy my role as a photographer and friend to many of my clients.

Recently I’ve been working along-side my partner Nikki, a graphic designer who runs a graphic design agency in Birmingham This combination of photographer/designer is the perfect match for many of our clients.

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Why we do what we do.

We love to create exciting and engaging images to wow our clients and ultimately their customers. We’re passionate about generating out-of-the-box ideas and imagery to help your business progress and succeed. 

We add a world class offering to an industry which is saturated with average photographers and images. By providing cutting edge skills, processes and ideas we’re able to stand out from our competitors and deliver amazing images to suit you. 

How we do what we do.
We use our expert knowledge alongside the latest and greatest in photographic equipment to deliver outstanding images suited to your business. Years of experience alongside a razor sharp photographic eye make us the best choice when choosing a commercial photographer in Birmingham.


What we do.
We work to create effective and engaging visuals for businesses to promote themselves, their products or services. Our photography is used across marketing materials, brochures, magazines and to help build a brand identity.